Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey You! Yeah You There!! Where's My Milk?!?!

Eating out at restaurants with the two babies is not something Mark and I have done too much of by ourselves. Until recently we've waited until family was in town to either go out by ourselves or help us when we bring the kids.

But we've gotten braver the last month or so.

Audrey is a late talker but she understands everything. She now knows that this person coming over to our table is there to bring us drinks and food. She knows that the first thing we do when we see the server is ask for our drinks. And she knows what she wants to drink. Either milk "muh" or Juice "uice". And she'll start saying this to the server.

The server, however, has not been trained in Audrey-ese like I have. But that doesn't stop her from trying and trying (and trying!) to let this poor person know exactly what she wants.

A couple of weeks ago we took the kids out for dinner to Applebee's. We requested a booth and we were promptly seated in the bar section.

Where there are lots of waiter-type people walking around.

When our waitress came and took our drink orders Audrey was VERY enthusiastic about telling her exactly what she wanted to drink. This night it was "muh" (aka Milk). And she told her repeatedly that she wanted "muh". And she told the other waiter that happened to walk by the table.

And she yelled (seriously. she was yelling at the poor woman) it to the bartender.

And to the customers in the booth behind us.

And to the people sitting in the dining room to the right of us.

And to anyone else that walked.

It sounded something like this... "Muh! Muh! MUH! MMMUUUUUHHHH!!!!!"

It's seriously embarrassing. (And also really funny at the same time!)

Kayla, on the other hand, is a doll. Rarely even makes a peep and is happy just watching the people walk by. Oh how I hope and pray that this mellowness lasts into the toddler years! Mark won't have a chance at stopping at two kids if she's this good next year!

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